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DC Swiss UK Ltd

Distributor of High Quality Application Cutting Tools.


Khepera Business Centre

Dore House Ind. Est

9 Orgreave Road


S13 9LQ

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DC Swiss SA   offer application cut taps which cover the complete material spectrum.


Taps suitable for ;-


All Steels - Carbon, Structural, Alloy etc...

High Tesile Steel.

Free Cutting Stainless Steel.

Austenitic / Ferritic / Martensitic Stainless Steel. - Duplex, Super Duplex, 17/4 etc...

Aluminium - Alloyed and Unalloyed.

Nickel Alloys - All types.


Cast Iron, Spheroidal and Malleable.

Copper, Brass, Plastic, Duroplastic and Glass Fibre Reinforced.


ooo  black dc thread

Application Cut Tap

Thread/ Cold Forming Taps

dc swiss bronze tap


DC Swiss also produce a fanastic range of Polygon Thread Roll Taps.


With 3 different geometries to cover the growing  number of materials capable of

this type of machining.  Active and Passive Polygons are used to assist the process,

and allow DC to operate at market leading performance levels.


DC provide several different surface coatings available as standard to best suit the material to be rolled.


Taps are available in Metric and Imperial sizes,  with the smallest standard tool available in the DC NANO range at M0,5 x 0.125 ( Please see NANO in dropdown)

Rigid/Synchro RTS Taps


Rigid, Synchro or Solid tapping is todays most common method of cut tapping used on the latest CNC machine tools.


DC Swiss have produce a range of taps available in the most common denominations which are absolutley designed to give the highest possible performance with this specific type of thread cutting technique.


Rigid Tapping as many benefits, however if it used incorrectly will still give poor tapping results - tap breakage, oversize or bell mouthed threads are a common complaint.


With DC's Rigid Tapping Synchro geometry ( RTS ) you have a specific tap to suit this operation, it covers a huge material range offering sub contractors a great deal of flexibility.  For best results RTS taps should be paired with our RTS tapping attachments which give a small amount of Axial float ( 1mm +-0,1 ) this allows the method to run at optimum process speeds of upto 50m/min depending on material thus also giving specific manufacturers the smallest possible production times in mass production industries.