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Automated Deburring Tools: Deburring, Chamfering & Reverse Feature Tooling

Looking to implement process improvements and reduce your production times with the most innovative deburring deburring tools tools? Innovations by HEULE are focused on building efficiency for customers, offering precision tools and solutions for deburring, chamfering, countersinking and reverse feature machining.

Deburring tools are often overlooked at the development stage of machining components and can cause real problems and delays at fettling or inspection departments. Usually this tedious task is a manual one, which is not only time consuming, but doesn’t produce a uniform finish to manufactured parts.

COFA & SNAP deburring tools from HEULE ensure a lot of these operations can be completed on the machine tool, for a cleaner and more consistent finish.

In addition to a vast range of standard deburring tools, HEULE also produces special tools to meet customers’ specific needs. With X-BORES, it is now possible to look at deburring bores that are size on size, angled, stepped and off centre intersections.

One of the latest deburring tools on offer from HEULE is the DL2. This was developed to meet the high demands of the Swiss Watch industry, who required a micro deburring tool that gave consistent results in small bores down to 1mm diameter.

Another area covered by HEULE is the machining of back counterbores without turning the workpiece. SOLO & BSF tools are a solution to this type of machining problem, with the BSF tool having a bore to  back spot face ratio of 2.3 x D.

HEULE’s strength lies in their problem solving ability to overcome the demands and needs of their customers. In fact, 50% of HEULE’s sales turnover comes from deburring tools developed to suit individual customer requirements.


Choosing the right deburring tools for you


COFA – The universal deburring tool

The COFA tool system was the first – and still unrivalled – deburring tool system for removing burrs on the front and back of a drilled through hole, on even and uneven surfaces in a single cycle. It radially removes the burrs off the bore edges without requiring the work piece to be turned, or the spindle to be stopped. It can be applied universally in manual or automatic operations for efficient and process capable high volume production.


SNAP – Economic chamfering and deburring tool

The SNAP deburring tool is an efficient front and back chamfering tool. Easy to use and allowing quick blade changes, SNAP deburring tools make for a convenient solution for any manufacturing environment. Without any need to turn the work piece or to stop the spindle, this tool removes burrs and chamfers edges. The SNAP tool has been designed for automatic operation, involving large production lots.


DL2 – The mini tool for reliable deburring

The confined space situation of the DL2 tool was a great challenge of the design work. High customer demands with regards to reliability and deburring quality encouraged HEULE to strive once more to go to the very limit of the achievable when it comes to deburring tools. The results speak for themselves: the DL2 is characterized by simple handling, fast blade change without unclamping, and is a robust tool despite its small dimensions.


BSF – The competitive back spotfacing tool

The surprisingly simple BSF tool concept allows back spotfacing, or back counterboring, in one operation even without turning the workpiece. Productive efficiency is distinguished by simplicity and high process capability. Starting the spindle with the recommended activation speed, the blade swings out in working position. We can control the retraction of the blade with the pressure of the coolant, a key feature of these deburring tools.


VEX – The combined drilling and chamfering tool

The VEX tool combines a replaceable solid carbide high performance twist drill with HEULE’s economical SNAP chamfering system. This enables drilling and front and back chamfering in a single process. Like the cutting edge for forward and reverse chamfering, the drill tip is made of coated carbide and is very easy to change. High efficiency is guaranteed.


Interested to learn more about the deburring tools on offer? For more information on how HEULE can improve your deburring or reverse feature processes, get in touch with DC Swiss on 0114 293 9013.

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