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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.What information do I need to hand for DC Swiss to make a threading tool reccomendation?

For DC to make an initial recommendation we would first need to know the following information regarding your threading application.
1. Is the hole through or blind?
2. What is the material you are threading?
3. What is the depth of thread required?
4. How many threads do you need to machine?

Q.What is the difference between a spiral point and spiral flute tap?

A spiral point tap is for a hole that is completely through the workpiece. This is because as the tap cuts the thread the swarf is being pushed forward away from the cutting edge and eventually through the bottom of the hole which then breaks the swarf from the job allowing the tap to reverse and safely return to its starting position.
A spiral flute tap is for a hole that does not break through the workpiece (blind hole). These taps are designed for the swarf to travel up the spiral form of the tap and out through the top of the hole. Once the tap stops and starts to run in reverse the swarf is broken from the job allowing the tap to return to its starting position.

Q.When should you threadmill instead of tapping?

Threadmilling is advised when the Thread Diameter is above 6mm and the Thread depth is above 2xD.
Also, when the component is valuable or the material is exotic, we would look at Threadmilling as a much safer option.

On the contrary to Threadmills, we would look at Threadwhirling when the size is below 6mm Diameter (Although our range does go upto M20) and the depth is above 1.5xD.

Q.What is the difference between thread milling & thread whirling?

Q.What is the lead time on special taps?

The delivery time on DC’s specially manufactured items depends on the type of tool required and the series of processes needed to produce it.
However, an express service is sometimes available which can reduce the lead time if it better suits the customers needs.

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