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Our Story

Who Is DC Swiss UK?

In 2009 DC Swiss UK LTD was established to develop and distribute DC Swiss SA products throughout the UK and Ireland. DC Swiss UK became part of the DC Swiss SA Group of companies with subsidiaries or authorised distributors across the globe. They have a huge product range, all of which is available from our Sheffield office.

To complement our extensive range of machine taps and application threading products we also have exclusive partnership agreements with other highly technical, like-minded manufacturers of Solid Carbide Round Tools – Milling Cutters, Drills, Centre Drills, Cutters, Reamers – Tapping Accessories boxes and collets including synchronised soft rigid tapping technology, self-reversing heads and Power Chucks. Automated Deburring, Chamfering, Spot Face and Counterbore tooling along with Heat Shrink technology are now also a major area of our business and can also be supplied and supported through our Sheffield office.

Aerospace, Oil and Gas, Automotive and power industries (both traditional and renewable) form the backbone of our application areas and many of the items we stock in Sheffield reflect our major industry interests.

DC SWISS SA possesses high-level specialist skills and many years of experience in threading technology, which have earned the company international prestige. In comparison with other machining techniques, such as milling and turning, for example, thread cutting poses more complex requirements. Beside the thread norm, many ancillary production factors, such as chip removal or coolant supply, have to be taken into account in the design of thread cutting tools. But the ultimate effectiveness of the tool results from a symbiosis between cutting geometry, high and consistent raw material quality and the judicious application of surface coatings that enhance performance. These tools are made using the latest and most modern production technologies to guarantee economy of cost and extremely consistent, fault-free manufacture. Your expectations and your quality requirements are at the heart of the further development of our precision tools and of the whole range of services that we provide. 


DC Swiss UK are distributors of high quality application cutting tools. Our aim is to supply the best tool for your application giving you a reliable and repeatable performance level that reflects your budget requirements and machine shop capability.


DC Swiss UK are constantly working with our partners and passing on feedback from our customers to ensure we all do our upmost to meet the demands that are asked of us. New product lines and innovations are a necessity to stay at the cutting edge of tooling.

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