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Free BSF webinar

free bsf webinar


Public free BSF webinar will take place on the 1st, 5th & 6th of July. The focus is on the BSF.   BSF is a very popular, growing solution to reverse back spot facing machining.   Extremely versitile & consistent, BSF is the tool to reach for when features demand accurate, high ratio ( 2.5 x Dia – Bore to Spot face ) off the shelf answers.   The BSF word is moving fast in the UK – more companies & industries are becoming aware of the opportunities BSF bring to their machine shops, reducing down time and eliminating health & safety concerns by removing manual intervention by the operator ….  BSF is completley automatic.


The webinar will highlight the BSF technology as well as selected applications. We shall limit the presentation to 30 minutes, concentrating on the most important bullet points. In-depth technical details will not be presented. The participants thus get an overview of the BSF through the webinar and can easily see whether it is an interesting option for them. The target groups are therefore existing and potential customers who (might) be interested in the BSF. For you, it is the chance to address your customers with a modern marketing tool.

Thursday, 1 July

07:00 BSF-Webinar in English

Monday, 5 July

14:00 BSF-Webinar in English

Tuesday, 6 July

14:00 BSF-Webinar in English


Marketing around the Webinar

The free BSF webinar will only be successful if we have enough participants. We will implement marketing activities, but are strongly dependent on your support. Only together with you will the webinar be a success!



If you have any questions about these marketing activities, please contact DC SWISS UK LTD –



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