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Our Smallest Precision Tools: Nano, Perfect and Safelock

Searching for precision tools to enhance your business? With decades of expertise on hand, our engineers are able to create essential on demand tools that meet the highest market requirements. 

Nano: Effortlessly Adaptable Precision Tools precision tools

Our range of precision tools enable you to create the most audacious and varied assemblies best suited to every situation and our Nano range starts at M0.3 x 0.08. Tools are, after all, essential items. Our extensive expertise ensures each and every one of our precision tools can adapt to every configuration, every material and every production technique necessary. Shape and size are no longer constraining factors: our tools are custom made, and developed with your business, and your usage in mind. 

As the leading manufacturer of screw connections, we also offer a range of dedicated products, tool holders and gauges to complement your precision tools. Working as your partner, DC Swiss can assist you in designing and developing specific custom-made operations. Regardless of whether your factories manufacture in-house, or delegate the task of creating your designs, the precision and durability of your screw connections need to be guaranteed. That’s where our expert precision tools come in. Along with the tools we also have specialised gauges and inspection devices to suit.

If you require special on demand tools, we’re also available to create custom-made thread taps to meet your requirements. 

Utilising The Perfect Thread: GWi5000

There has never been a greater need to offer a perfect threading system. As demand in the threading field constantly increases, it’s more important than ever to make use of a faultless profile. For this reason, we have developed precision tools based on the GWi series, which ensure threads with absolutely no burrs. This ultrafine carbide tool offers excellent heat resistance and VS coating. This represents an ideal combination for high performance machining. 

Interested in how our precision tools actually get the job done? The operation consists of milling the flanks of the thread, while at the same time working on the interior diameter. In order to achieve perfect threading, optimal drilling is also required. Our expert engineers recommend a special spotting drill and twist drill to accomplish this. 

Threaded Self Locking Assembly: Micro Safelock 

Last but not least, our Nano precision tools now offer a self locking solution. Micro-Safelock is a registered and protected trademark of DC Swiss SA. It is a patented system for a threaded self-locking assembly. 

Particularly in watchmaking, the security of screw fixings – or in other words, their long-term ability to maintain gripping properties – has been a recurring problem. With Safelock technology, our precision tools offer a solution to overcome this difficulty. We’ve developed a new range of cutting and inspection tools to ensure absolutely impeccable development quality.

Want to find out more about the technology behind our precision tools? We’ve rounded up the benefits below: 

Advantages of Selflocking

Advantages of the Screw

For more information on the Micro Safelock system, give us a call, or take a look at our catalogue. From our precision tools to tool holders, we make quality and performance a priority for all of our expert tooling.

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