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GWi5000 Perfect Thread

GWi5000 Perfect Thread

GWi5000 Thread Whirl Cutters

The GWi5000 is a multi-tooth full-profile carbide thread whirler available in sizes starting from 0.8 mm and available in M & S sizes. This tool covers all material groups. Featuring three teeth, two teeth rough and finish-machine both flanks while one tooth machines the core diameter, ensuring burr-free profiles and edges of the thread. This tool is unique in its ability to complete-machine the flanks and the core diameter in one cut. There is no other tool in the market that can guarantee a burr-free thread without extra deburring operations. The ultra-fine grade carbide tool is coated with a special VS coating for low wear and good heat resistance in high performance machining. The internal cooling delivered through a patented system.


If you require a standard tap modifying then please contact us to discuss your needs.

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