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Getting to Know US: DC Swiss and UK Manufacturing

Is your business gearing up for MACH 2020, UK manufacturing’s biggest exhibition of the year? This year, we’ll be exhibiting at MACH 2020 for the third consecutive show. We will again be exhibiting the latest developments from all our partners, to provide you with unique solutions from the UK manufacturing industry’s global leaders. So what exactly is it we do, and how can we help you and your business?


So who are we?

Getting to Know US: DC Swiss and UK ManufacturingDC Swiss UK LTD are suppliers of high quality application cutting tools. We work worldwide to supply you and your business with the best tools, whether you’re working in the UK manufacturing sector or beyond. With more than 30 years experience in engineering, UK manufacturing and cutting tools, it’s safe to say our Sheffield-based team know their stuff. With a whole range of different experiences and interests at your disposal, each and every member of our team is ready to help you make the most of your tools, no matter which UK manufacturing sector you’re working within. We know that your business deserves the best quality tooling, with a consistent performance level that you can rely on for the long run. That’s why every one of our thread cutting tools are made using the latest and most modern production techniques & capabilities within the UK manufacturing sector, all for a price that’s just right for your needs and demands.


Our UK manufacturing story

Since 2009, we’ve been developing and distributing DC Swiss product sales throughout the UK and Ireland, all from our Sheffield-based office. We’re proud to represent a select group of companies from all over the globe.

As we’ve grown, we’ve enjoyed working with all kinds of different industries, in all kinds of UK manufacturing spaces. From aerospace to oil and gas & automotive, many of the items stocked in our UK Sheffield base reflect the UK’s – and our own – interests. So no matter if it’s model Boats or Formula One supercars that you’re producing, we’ll be there to provide you with the threading tools and other products which are perfect for both your industry, and your budget. We’re constantly communicating with our partners and customers to move forward in our field to make sure we’re always at the top of our game. Whether it’s new product lines, innovative spins on traditional products or stepping forward into a whole new industry, we’re always excited by the chance to take on a new challenge, and stay at the forefront of the UK’s manufacturing industry’s tooling requirements.


The cutting edge of tooling

Getting to know us: DC Swiss and UK ManufacturingSo what kind of products and thread cutting tools can we help you and your business with? As well as our own extensive range of our high quality products, we’re proud to maintain exclusive partnership agreements with other highly technical, like minded manufacturers both in the UK, and further afield.

Along with performance threading tools, we offer a whole range of cutting and threading tools. Our innovative technology includes tapping boxes and amp accessories, synchronised soft rigid tapping technology, self-reversing heads and other forms of solid tool holding such as power chucks and heat shrink holders, all of which have been produced using the latest and most modern technology. Our solid carbide round tools range is extensive, too, including milling cutters – standard in 4,5,7,& 9 flutes with chamfer and radius corner protection again as standard. Drills from 0.1Ø in 0.01mm increments up to 50 x D are again a standard program, centre drills, reamers, corner rounding, chamfer. Whatever you need, you can be sure we’ve got the right tools for you. Lastly, we’re proud to offer an express delivery service on most special tools including Inovatool’s one week guarantee for special form tools which includes coating.

DC Swiss UK are also responsible in the UK manufacturing industry for the supply and technical application of the world renowned Heule Automated deburring, chamfering, back spotface and reverse counterbore product range. This is a unique product with limited competition and unlimited application use.


Ready to find out more about DC Swiss? We have all the products and knowledge you need to help, improve, reduce cost and solve any problems you come up against within the UK manufacturing thread cutting world. Try us, test us – do you have a threading or milling application which causes you an issue or you feel can be done better? Contact us or visit our UK manufacturing team at MACH 2020 to see how we can help.

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